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Wind deflector suitable for Chrysler Le Baron 3. Generation

Chrysler Le Baron 3. Generation Bj.1986 – 1995


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Product number: EP30051W
EAN: 4251244703509
Foldable: ja
Fits in the boot: nein
Divisible: nein
Materials: Netzgewebe, Kunstleder,Kunststoff, Stahl
Colour: schwarz
Mounting: Schnellspannverschluss
Drilling: ja
Type: Doppelrahmen
Installation type: Fahrzeugspezifisch
Installation Parts: vorhanden
TÜV: Eintragungsfrei
Net weight: 3,50 kg
WB-Length: 115 cm
WB-Height: 18,5 cm
WB-Width: 44,5 cm
Brand: Airax
Product information "Wind deflector suitable for Chrysler Le Baron 3. Generation "

New wind deflector in OEM-quality

  • Modell    :  Chrysler Le Baron 3. Generation

  • Year of construction: 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995

  • Model type : double frame system (folding backwards)

  • Fixing type : quick fastener with drilling


Our company sells wind deflectors for nearly all common car brands.

We set the value on high quality production of our deflectors and sell only high-quality products !

As every deflector is produced for the specific car type we can guarantee perfect fitting accuracy. The wind deflector will not interfere with the closing and opening of the hood. Our wind deflectors extend your convertible cruising season allowing draught-free driving. If you want to upgrade your old-timer or the latest sports car, you can be sure to find the right deflector here!

How does a wind deflector work?

In its simplest form it is a mesh covered steel frame fixed behind the drivers seats, preventing the air swirling in the car every convertible driver knows. The deflector frames are made from high-grade steel tubes, bowed in car specific form and size, accurately welded and covered with weatherproof artificial leather with high-quality seams. A high-quality nylon-polyester blended fabric mesh is used as clothing, characterised by highest tensile strength and UV-resistance. Mesh, respectively frame systems can be mounted with the installation kits even by laymen within a few minutes!

A mounted wind deflector protects passengers from unpleasant air swirling cooling head, shoulders and neck, makes driving in your convertible the perfect pleasure!
You can see the difference between air drafts on the following graphics.

without deflector

without deflector

with deflector

with deflector

What is the quick fastener

The fastener is a plastic bolt pushed to side by a spring.
You only have to push the bolt inwards to remove or install the deflector.

Chrysler / Le Baron Cabriolet (--) / 3.0i V6, 2972 ccm, 105 KW, 143 PS (1990/01-1996/12)

Chrysler / Le Baron Cabriolet (--) / 2.2i Turbo, 2213 ccm, 130 KW, 177 PS (1986/09-1990/12)

Chrysler / Le Baron Cabriolet (--) / 2.2i Turbo, 2213 ccm, 109 KW, 148 PS (1986/09-1990/12)

Chrysler / Le Baron Cabriolet (--) / 2.5i, 2501 ccm, 75 KW, 101 PS (1986/09-1993/12)

Chrysler / Le Baron Cabriolet (--) / 2.5i Turbo, 2501 ccm, 112 KW, 152 PS (1989/01-1993/12)

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